I have been doing a lot of thinking about what it is to be determined and committed to something.   Now this can spread across a wide range of topics; business, health, weight loss, relationships, dreams and goals.  We all say we are going to do things, but most of the time they fall off our to do list as fast as they went on it.  Most of us don’t think about what that is doing to us, and the people to whom we commit.

Before we go any further, lets take a moment to define what these words mean.


  • the act of deciding definitely and firmly 
  • firm or fixed intention to Achieve a desired end, or
  • direction or tendency to a Certain end


  • to pledge oneself to a position on an issue
  • to bind or obligate, as by pledge or assurance

Those are some pretty strong words being used in the above definitions.  Nowhere in these definitions does it give leniency or a grey area.  What does that mean?  Simple, when we commit to things or are determined to get them, there is only one outcome; Achievement.  There isn’t a wishy-washy approach to going after what you want.

When we commit to things, we are promising in stone that it will be done. However, what happens if we don’t follow through with the committed task?  We break that promise to the people to whom we have committed and, possibly even worse, we break that promise we made to ourselves.  Lets look at those two outcomes.

First, the broken promise to a colleague, friend, or partner can cause big problems.  This can lead to a lack of trust, loss of a job, or even a loss of a spouse or loved one.

Second, we have now broken a promise to ourselves.  Why is this such a big deal?  When we break our own promises, we automatically start to justify why it is okay.  This starts a bad cycle of not holding oneself accountable to what we promise.  We are telling ourselves it is okay to break promises in the future, that if we don’t get something done it will be fine.  In turn, it makes it even harder for us to stay determined and committed to our promises.

Instead, we need to stop that behavior right away and switch to a mindset of true commitment and determination.

How Do We Really Commit and Stay Determined?

How do we really commit to something and stay determined to achieve the desired outcome, no matter what happens?  Here are some tips and pointers to help you with just that.

  • Don’t Over Promise.  Don’t commit to things that you cannot accomplish.  Seems easy enough, right?  Monitor what you are promising and only commit to what you truly can do.  That way, there shouldn’t be any broken promises.
  • Create Successful Habits.  Habits that are going to lead you down the right path to accomplish the committed task or goal.  Get rid of the poor habits that are wasting your time and distracting you.
  • Be Hungry.  Develop an insatiable hunger for what you are going after.  Learn as much as you can about your topic and surround yourself with educational tools and tips from the experts in that field.
  • Stay Motivated!  Motivate yourself with words of affirmation and post pictures or articles about what you are chasing.  Keep those dreams and vision boards in a spot where you can actually see them every day.
  • Track Your Progress.  Keep track of your progress and celebrate some of the smaller victories.  However, this does not mean you celebrate by going off the path toward your goals.
  • Have A Plan.  Have a written down, well thought out plan in place that you actually follow.  Dates, time blocking, schedules, whatever it takes to keep you on track.
  • Front Load Your Day.  Schedule your harder, more focus oriented, tasks in the morning whenever possible.  This is when you are the freshest and most productive.  Do not move on until those tasks are completed.
  • Sacrifice.  On occasion, you have to sacrifice some of the small things in life, in order to get what you truly have committed to.  You don’t have to go to everything, its okay to skip a happy hour in order to stay on the plan that you have written out.
  • Schedule Your Next Steps.  What are the next 3 most important things to accomplish that get you closer to your goal?  These should be written down and done before you can move on to anything else.
  • Be Accountable To Someone.  Have a partner help you, its okay.  Tell them what you are going to accomplish this week so they can hold you accountable to it.  It well help you stay committed to accomplishing the task.  Tell them your next steps and your goals.  Together, you will be so much more successful.
  • Eliminate Distractions.  Tell people you are working and can’t be bothered.  Don’t answer the phone if it doesn’t pertain to that current task…or turn it off if you don’t need it.  Don’t check your email every time it beeps.  Facebook isn’t going anywhere, leave it closed.  The distractions are endless and very powerful.  Stay focused and shut out the things you don’t need at the moment.
  • Be Consistent.  You will reap the rewards of your actions, but it may take time.  Just be consistent every day in your efforts toward your goals.  Your efforts this week, month, and year will show up in the results next week, month or year.

I hope these help some of you on your journey toward your goals.  With commitment and determination, you cannot be beat, you will be successful.Nick Harder

Good Luck, Friends!


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